The four planes of development in montessori

Freund conducted a study in which children had to decide which items of furniture should be placed in particular houses of a dolls house.

Maria Montessori

He also believed that one day it could be integrated with other theories to produce a rounded view of child development. Moss and Strayer also suggest that mothers of gifted children tend to encourage the use of metacognitive strategies more than mothers of children within the normal range of Development.

In pre-operational thinking first two stages the child needs physical examples, so it will use its fingers to count. The child continues to mature in its thinking and becomes ever less egocentric. New Identity The period of adolescence ages twelve to eighteen marks the end of childhood.

The Planes of Development

This acts as a framework on which the child bases its knowledge of the environment. Children should only be taught things that they are capable of learning Children mature at different rates and the teacher needs to be aware of the stage of development of each child so teaching can be tailored to their individual needs.

According to Vygotsky For example Bruner and the Information Processing theories both take Piaget as a starting point. At what age do we become fully-fledged thinkers. We see this all the time on LinkedIn. Ages 2 to 7 years Language has two functions: If a human being passes through all stages with tendencies and predisposition, acted upon, needs fulfilled, the absorbent mind taking in all the experiences during the sensitive period, a Valorised adolescent will emerge who can complete his development into a adult citizen of the world.

Bliss et al looked at the ways scaffolding was being used in the science classes of 13 London Junior schools ages The later information processing approach to cognitive development was the only one to consider these factors.

Planes of Development

Schemata were mentioned in AS memory and will crop up in other topics later in the year. If the researcher rearranges one of the rows by spacing the counters out the child believes there are more.

Offer a useful hint. For example, you might be a big believer in animal rights, and might utilize every opportunity to talk about the seminal work of great giants in the field, but have no real story of your own to share.

Gladwin argues that the tests Piaget used are inappropriate for testing non-western culture.

The 5 Areas of a Montessori Classroom

The plane of education should take both the situations into consideration. Provide stimulation through a variety of tasks. What Piaget would suggest about education:. The Montessori approach to education uses planes of human development.

There are four distinct planes of development. PLANES OF DEVELOPMENT Dr. Montessori defined four stages of development and labeled them as four planes of development Within these stages, development is intense at the beginning, consolidates and then tapers to the next.

1st and 3rd planes are period of intense creation, while 2nd and 4th planes are calm periods of consolidation.


Montessori called the first plane of development from zero to six years Infancy, that from six to twelve Childhood, from twelve to eighteen Adolescence and the final plane from eighteen to twenty-four. The Language area of the Montessori classroom encourages development of early-literacy skills through the use of phonetic sounds.

In the Language area children are exposed to various types of phonetic awareness activities to. Practical Homeschooling Articles / Columnists 1,+ free articles on how to homeschool, college at home, math, science, history, reading, unit studies, classical education, much more! The Planes of Development.

The Four Planes of Development is the holistic framework upon which Montessori built her vision of developmental psychology. This theory encompasses human development from birth until maturity at age I describe it as holistic because it considers all aspects of a child’s development—academic, spiritual, moral, and emotional.

When a child is born, she comes into the .

The four planes of development in montessori
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The Montessori Difference / Planes of Development